Our Vision

We aim to make investment easily accessible and comprehensive to anyone from any background, knowledge, pocket availability, secure and transparent. The ecosystem provides the unique set of capabilities to efficiently and securely invest in the new digitalized financial market.

DCI is a one-stop-shop with 360 degrees view for the private and institutional portfolio of investment together with Artificial Intelligence, Risk Assessment, and Rating, Legal and Compliance support. The ecosystem will be the finance preferred ecosystem to access the digital investment world and uncover opportunities, reach unthinkable efficiency, enrich product offering and improving competitiveness. Contrary to the existing ecosystems we are not neglecting existing business and financial models, but we are merging the old and new digital world and extending the distribution of existing commercial products through “tokenization” of assets and mashed into an excellent portfolio view enhanced with a robotic advisor, artificial intelligence, and more.

Value Proposition

Challenges: The traditional way of investing does not offer excellent opportunities for high investment return, both in term of the limit of investment opportunities and capital requirements to access great return that has become a real barrier to entry. This ecosystem will enable a peer-to-peer solution to offer the existing centralized monopoly-based models a way to smoothly shift to the new model and improve efficiency in the marketplace. The Investment Management (IM) Industry is facing several challenges such as low-interest environment, alongside the digital tsunami, shifting demographics, new well-funded fintech players and the rise of robo-advisors. It is clear the Investment Management (IM) industry is witnessing unprecedented levels of change. While robo-advisory has a tiny market share today it is growing at the speed of light and market is moving to a “democratized” model.

DCI Value Proposition

The DCI Ecosystem is designed to deliver the various type of digital contracts (DC) built on a globally distributed computing network to create an entirely new concept of “Financial open ecosystem.” We are creating a bridge of connection between the existing financial system and the new digitalized financial system. The DCI distributed ledger solution with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in multiple processes within the ecosystem, will allow our clients to reach a much higher degree of automation. To some extent, the ecosystem control level, functionalities are optimized and prioritized with the implementation of the “democratic framework.” This governance framework helps to reduce the overall ecosystem risk, excessive noise, and abuse of big data.

The ecosystem will also have a well-developed “custodian” framework that will help Institutional Clients to adopt DCI at a faster rate. For a specific type of product, protection is provided by the collateral of the assets. The details are well outlined within the regulatory framework defined by DCI. Liquidity will be an essential element we are planning to take care of, where tokens purchased can be traded and quickly sold on the market avoiding leaving investors with binding investments (i.e., no liquid). The ecosystem will work on the creation of a well-developed legal and governance framework to support the liquidity goals maintaining the right level of transparency, accountabilities, and will offer secondary market opportunities.

The attractiveness of tokens investment should be of interest not only to retail, private investors but also to institutional investors. The simplicity of the ecosystem, the easy to operate in the tokenized Investment world supported by excellent security model, compliance with the local regulatory framework and advisory supports will also attract newbie investors to the ecosystem.The DCI Ecosystem will offer a range of tokenized assets such as single asset investment, digital funds, Crypto Investment, abilities for Fund Manager to create their funds and make it tradeable in the ecosystem. Any digital assets or funds created will use the common global standards naming convention to allow the digitalized asset to be uniquely identified.

DCI Ecosystem also offers the opportunity to invest in single or multiple “start-up ICOs.” This is a great capability not only for the investors but also an advantage for existing companies that desire to raise capital for a specific “project” (e.g., improve manufactory capacity, etc.) without increasing debts. DCI contrary to our main competitors offers the opportunity to invest in a multitude of tokenized assets (i.e., cross chain) and to create a hybrid portfolio of “digital and real assets” together. Investors will have the opportunity with the ecosystem connector offered to create a truly “360 view of their investment portfolio” in one ecosystem!

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