The Beta version

The Beta version will include everything developed in the alpha version with enhanced capabilities based on the feedback received from clients and additional features such as:

Capability Beta
Test Environment Prod
Desktop UI Prod
Navigation UI Prod
Account creation Prod
Portfolio View (Digital Assets) Test
Mobile UI Test
Service provider UI & Advertisement Test
Search/buy/sell tokenized assets and add to personalized portfolio Prod
Buy/Sell other crypto currencies Prod
Tokenized Real Assets (Security Tokens) *Depending on Legal / Regulatory process Test
Third party API & Service provider Test
Tokenization Process embedded for valuation of New start-ups and Existing Business Test
Buy/ Sell tokens traded on other blockchain (Cross-chain transactions) Test
Fund Creation (derived only from tokens) Test
Tokenized Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)(derived only from tokens) Test
Robo Advisor in Partnership (Various Releases - Continuous Improvement) Test
Analytics and Artificial intelligence Test
Portfolio Management Test

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