Pilot and team build

This phase is used to test and plan for the ITO pre-sale and check everything is working as expected. This also helps the team to raise initial fund to cover for additional services such as legal, marketing, advertisement and people supporting ITO through telegram, media channels (e.g. youtube, Facebook)

We are planning to open the Pilot 3 Months before the formal pre-sale scheduled in Q1 2019. A limited quantity will be released with continental user split (i.e. being a pilot we want to check that people logging in from different continent does not face issues).

Participation – Investors will be required to register on our ecosystem through the registration process set up on the DCI website. Based registration date and cut-off time the investor will be aligned to participate in the pre-sale or sales phase. DCI price will change during the ITO based on time clock and prices listed above.

The registration process requires investors/participants to provide any information to comply with KYC (Know your client), Anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) compliant. DCI complies with the GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation). During the registration will be asked for additional information regarding the investment and the amount planned to contribute. Once all the checks have been validated the profile in the ecosystem will change to an approved status that means the user will be able to participate and access the functionalities in the ecosystem to buy the DCI tokens.

To democratise the ITO and avoid during the first day that big whales will buy most of the tokens leaving small investors without any. For this purpose, we will fix a maximum number of tokens purchase per individual during (first day only) proportional to the total number of tokens divided by the number of participants.

Also, to stimulate investment and interest, we will provide registered investors the option deposit available for selection on the UI to pre-order token purchase. The system algorithm will fix the minimum number of token for purchasing based on market demand during the shadow trading hours opened 72hrs pre-sale period.

As standard practice, unsold tokens will be burnt as soon as the token sales end.


  • The ITO will be completed at any time when all tokens are sold.M
  • Emission rate: No new coins will be minted, created, or mined after the ITO during year 1 Any tokens not purchased during the ITO will be destroyed.
  • DCI will redeem tokens at the NAV price after the ITO but not during.
  • Funds held in Lumen during the ITO will be held in Escrow on a hard device.
  • DCI token will be listed on the exchanges as soon as the ITO is finished.

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