High Level Conceptual Diagram

The architecture offers the capabilities to connect thought APIs to external applications. This provides an excellent opportunity for the ecosystem to evolve with the ability to offer capabilities not present in the ecosystem. KYC/AML procedures also supported with the addition of third-party tools if required in the specific region. Security registration and account will provide capabilities to store securely wallet keys. Ecosystem accessible through mobile tablets. Advance encryption mechanism will be adopted for information transfer between applications. Users will have access to the services through the ecosystems UI using Microsoft to Apple laptop, tablet, mobiles.

The platform audit and control capabilities will make sure any transactions and activities within the ecosystem and between the ecosystem and external third parties tool will be monitored and stored for future reference. This helps the ecosystem to enhance the security level, transparency, and well-behaved activities.

The ecosystem also includes the due diligence that is performed by DCI with third party’s partners to make sure there are no issues within the regulatory framework. Due diligence will be presented to any users on the platform tailored to their type of profile together with DCI compliance and monitoring.

The ecosystem also has a well-thought payment and money in / out process in place, that includes the treatment of different cryptocurrencies, acceptance of most of the used fiat currencies, payment through cards, pay-pal, bank transfer, with a multi-currency wallet. APIs are used for different purposes, not only to give the ecosystem a more significant opportunity to expand its existing capabilities but also to integrate with other technology providers and to clients (e.g. some client might want to share their data into their system such as CRM).

Algo trading and robo-advisors are a powerful capability offered by DCI, together with data analytics to drive insight and feed algorithm recommendation with machine learning capabilities.

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