Today, most of the innovative tech-driven start-ups, SMEs and other public and private sector companies are struggling to access funds directly with the public investors.

Here are some of the Reasons

DCI offers to its users (individuals or Institutions) various investment options:


Barriers to entry to perform an Initial Public Offering (IPO) are hard to overcome (e.g. Regulatory requirements, Costs etc). Businesses need an alternative route to raise public funds.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was the to-go alternative, but due to fraudsters and scammers, this practice has already been disregarded by investors.


Local market economy does not allow free movement of capital. Access to finance could promote economic development by fostering the survival and creation of new businesses

How will DCI help Investment Seekers?

DCI Ecosystem will provide the Investment Seekers (e.g. Start-Ups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)) with the necessary tools to raise funds directly from the investors; No middleman in-between the Investment Seekers and the investors! Everything is direct!

By leveraging the blockchain technology, DCI will allow businesses to tokenize securities to raise capital. Hence, all kinds of financial assets like bonds, equities, real estate, etc. can be easily managed and tokenized by businesses on the blockchain.

At DCI Ecosystem, we can assist investment seekers that seek funds for:

Real Estate Development Projects

Start-up Projects

Small-Medium Scale Enterprise Projects

How does it work?

Requests are assessed, ranked, rated and if all the check-list requirements are satisfied, the request is Tokenized.

Security Tokenization (ST)

Tokenization is an innovative idea that is revolutionizing the security market and can help businesses avoid problems related to conventional security offering. Traditional methods of raising capital present many operational challenges such as compliance with strict regulatory requirements, the reluctance of financial institutions to issue credit etc.

In contrast, tokenizing the business owners in the form of equity shares on a blockchain offers a lot of flexibility, low-cost and more democratic way to evaluate the business. The evaluation is mainly dependent on market forces, rather than on a selected group of sponsors or angel investors. In addition, the blockchain infrastructure with smart contract functionality can support all required administration activities (e.g. dividend payment, M & A, share voting, etc.).

Step-by-Step Security Token Offering (STO) Development Process:

DCI Ecosystem will provide tokenization functionalities as an out-of-the-box feature but also with the use of third-party vendors. Those vendors will be fully integrated/embedded into the ecosystem for seamless user experience.

Need Capital

Businesses (e.g. start-ups or existing SMEs) will need to register on the DCI Ecosystem. The user interface will require the business to provide information pertinent to their business (e.g. company description, website, address, financial statements, etc.)

Eligibility Check

The business will complete the fund's request form. The form will require detailed information about the business, e.g. provision of financial reports. Once the request is submitted, a DCI Ecosystem dedicated team of accountants, financial analysts and legal/compliance consultants will access the request. In the future, some of the basic assessment work will be done by the A.I. to improve speed and increase automation.

Feasibility Study Completion & Set Pricing

Once the feasibility analysis is completed, the process will follow with formal security valuation. The token value, the return of investment and payment terms will be assessed by an external third-party service firm. A legal team will help translate those terms into the smart contract/security token.

Launch of Security Token Offering (STO)

The approved tokenized request will be offered to the investors via Security Token Offering (STO). The smart contract of the digital security tokens will ensure the fulfilment of legal/contractual requirements.

Token Listed on DCI Ecosystem Exchange and also on other exchanges

The digital tokens issued will be listed on DCI Exchange first to give its users a competitive advantage and later to other exchanges.

DCI Ecosystem Benefits for Investment Seekers/Businesses (but are not limited to):

  • DCI Ecosystem offers a completely new, cheaper, easier, faster, more efficient way to raise capital. A turnkey solution.
  • Businesses projects, new product development and solutions can now access to funds with Security Tokenization Offering (STO) - Asset tokenization in a regulated and transparent trading environment
  • Access to investors from anywhere in the world (24/7).
  • Compliance with local laws and automated investors accreditation (e.g. KYC, AML, CFT act)
  • Custodian and notary services made easier with the blockchain
  • Third-party services available to investment Seekers (e.g. Legal, accountancy, etc.)
  • Management of account directly on DCI Ecosystem
  • Free or zero cost Registration for investment seeker businesses. No hidden fees.
  • Early Joiners will get early access to all premium DCI Ecosystem Investment & STO (Security Token Offering) services Escrow Account/Custodian facility.
  • Powerful User Interface with an analytics dashboard, financials, STO (Security Token Offering) performance, transparent graphical live progress of an STO (Security Token Offering) etc
  • Regulatory reporting facilities out of the box (e.g. reporting to the investors)
  • Access to Third-party products (e.g., accountants, lawyers, notary, etc.) available on the DCI ecosystem with simple drag and drop motion.
  • Powerful User Interface to easily manage the security tokenization process
  • Advance Wallet functionality (e.g. money in/out, payments, invoice, account management, APIs, security tokens recurring smart contract payment etc.)
  • Access to various paid services such as marketing facilities to promote their businesses within the DCI Ecosystem (e.g. Advertisement with the specific target audience and geographical area)

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