Know Everything about DCI Business Tokenization and Investment Model

Today, the majority of the existing traditional investment platforms lack support for advanced investment tools or services (e.g. Robo-advisory, risk analytics, etc.) that assist investors to execute their investment ideas and make informed investment decisions.

The problems with this existing investment platforms and associated business or financial services model is that they either focus on the traditional asset classes in the local market or on digital cryptocurrencies or coin/tokens, but not on both.

It is pretty clear that existing financial or business models adopted by traditional investment platforms/wealth advisory businesses are becoming non-effective & redundant day-by-day for investors around the globe.

On the flip side, both Investors (both private & institutional) and investment seeker businesses around the globe are eagerly looking for a turnkey investment solution with an advanced business model that allows them to execute their investment ideas and achieve their investment targets respectively.

With the rapid proliferation of technology in investment sector today, investors and investment seeker businesses are also looking for a compliant investment platform that allows them to get access to advanced fintech services (e.g, Robo-advisory, accountancy, etc.) from One Place with One Tool to achieve their desired investment goals.

DCI Ecosystem-A Turnkey Investment Solution with Advanced Business Tokenization and Investment Model 

Given the existing challenges of traditional operating models in the investment sector, DCI Ecosystem is working on the idea of creating a forward-looking, tech-driven cross-asset investment ecosystem with advanced business tokenization & investment model.

DCI  Ecosystem will offer limitless investment and profit earning opportunities to everyone either you are an investor, an investment seeker businesses/individual or a third-party service/software provider.

DCI Ecosystem Business Tokenization Model

DCI Ecosystem’s business tokenization model is designed in such a way that it will enable investment seeker businesses to tokenize their business ownership in the form of equity shares on a blockchain.

By leveraging the blockchain technology, DCI Ecosystem will help investment seeker businesses to tokenize all types of financial securities like

  • The traditional share/equity ownership
  • Real Estate Development Projects
  • Start-up Projects
  • Small-Medium Enterprise Projects
  • Equity Type instrument
  • Non-equity type instrument (e.g. debts)
  • Commodities (e.g. gold, silver, painting, arts, whiskey, wines, etc.)

The tokenization facility present on the DCI Ecosystem will help investment seekers avoid problems related to conventional security and raise funds via STO in a legal and transparent manner.

The tokenization facility will be provided as an out-of-the-box feature to businesses, but with the support of third-party vendors in DCI Ecosystem. These third-party vendors will be fully integrated into the DCI Ecosystem via third-party API functionality.

Investment seeker businesses will be able to choose among the suitable third provider among the available vendors (e.g., accountancy, legal, notary services, etc.) listed on the DCI Ecosystem to execute their tokenization request.

DCI Ecosystem Investment model

In the DCI Investment model, the investors would also be allowed to choose from numerous third-party products and services (e.g. Robo-advisory, legal, accountancy, etc.) based on vendor rating and “activate” them on their profile for making informed investment decisions.

Investors will be able to find suitable investment opportunities and personalize their portfolio with the help of such third-party vendor services

The vendor rating will be given by the users who previously used these third-party services. DCI members will also be allowed to share their product experiences with other users on the dedicated forums.

Finally, DCI will operate as an open, decentralized and democratic ecosystem with a self-governance framework embedded into it. This will provide a more secure and transparent trading environment for everyone, including third-parties, investors, and seekers of investment.

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  1. Tokenization, in any means, is a great way to eradicate the problems linked with traditional fundraising. By far, to me, DCI seems a fitting and impressive investment solution.

  2. DCI Business tokenization model will help new investors find exciting investment opportunities related to various asset classes like real estate, never accessible before. Good Job.

  3. I am quite impressed with DCI Ecosystem’s unified approach to solving all stakeholder problems in the investment arena with one defining solution. This business tokenization and investment model is just a mere reflection of their pioneering work.

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