DCI Ecosystem Will Allow You To Invest in an International Stock Market

Invest in an International Stock Market

Today, investors around the globe are constantly looking to create and maintain a balanced portfolio with equal exposure to the international stock market.

Trading in a variety of international stock markets offers an excellent opportunity for investors to increase their investment returns and better manage their risk investment exposure with a well-diversified portfolio of investment.

However, trading in the international market can have some downsides too for investors like limited liquidity, high brokerage or commission fees, currency exchange rate fluctuations, higher investment risk, poor market regulations and the barrier to entry.

Despite such challenges, global investors (both retail and institutional) are eagerly looking to trade and invest in foreign financial instruments in order to improve and diversify their portfolios.

Here is a list of some popular online investment platforms that allows you to invest in the international stock market:

DCI- A Open, Decentralized, Distributed Cross-Asset Investment Ecosystem Solution

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DCI is an innovative, tech-driven, and futuristic cross-asset investment ecosystem with a Decentralized governance framework, that is developing a Turnkey Investment Solution where investors will get every necessary tool & resource to execute their investment ideas and manage all their “traditional & tokenized investments” in one place in a single tool.

Unlike existing brokerage platform for international trading, DCI Ecosystem will leverage blockchain technology to digitalize/tokenize the traditional financial instruments (e.g. stocks, bonds, real estate, ETFs, etc.).

This will enable investors to trade traditional securities listed on multiple exchanges around the globe from one unique platform through a single tool.

Investors will also be able to manage and personalize their investment experience using DCI Ecosystem with the help of third-party fintech applications and/or services (e.g. robo-advisory (A.I), portfolio rebalancing (A.I), 360-degree view of the portfolio, etc.) that can be found and enabled via a simple search and drag and drop functionality.

The use of blockchain to transform traditional financial instruments will drive more efficiency, increase transparency and optimize costs.

Customers will be able to track all their traditional and tokenized investments from anywhere in the world, with a simple click in a single place, whether you are in your country or travelling around the world, using your desktop or your mobile or tablet, the experience will be seamless.

DCI Ecosystem is well aware of the fact that investors around the globe are not allowed to trade traditional securities listed on global stock exchanges on a blockchain network due to local regulation and the lack of technology understanding.

Hence, DCI Ecosystem team is designing the system architecture in such a way that when regulators and traditional exchanges around the world will start moving towards distributed ledger technology (DLT) for tokenization of traditional financial instruments, it will be enabled to support such capability.

DCI will allow Governments and Regulators to join the ecosystem and participate to the decentralized governance model so that the DCI Ecosystem community can cooperate and interact with each other to build a sustainable model that works for everyone.

We strongly believe that working with local regulators will allow DCI Ecosystem to evolve and build a sustainable governance model. A model that will be open and transparent, incentivizing conversation and cooperation between the parties involved.

DCI Ecosystem will make every effort to coordinate and onboard regulators and traditional exchanges from around the globe to help to transition from the traditional securities trading models on the blockchain.

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  1. This is a tremendous post with a clear and concise explanation of how DCI will allow investors to trade in the international stock market.

  2. The blog writing is pretty impressive here. I am pretty much convinced that DCI will emerge as a go-to platform for international stock trading without paying high brokerage fees in future.

  3. Great points are given in the blog about international trading problems of investors. I am happy DCI Ecosystem is thinking out-of-the-box to simplify investment in foreign security instruments.

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