DCI Ecosystem Token Sale: Purpose and Goals

DCI Ecosystem Token Sale

The DCI Ecosystem, an open, distributed and democratic ecosystem that aims to solve the funding/investment problems of SMEs Unbanked Businesses with the use of blockchain technology, is all set to open the first round of fundraising.

The DCI Ecosystem will soon launch its first-ever Initial Token Offering (ITO) sale with the purpose to raise just enough funds to develop the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The point to note here is that the team is not looking to raise billions in funding, but needs just enough money to continue the development of the DCI platform.

Main Purpose & Goals of the DCI Ecosystem ITO

The DCI ecosystem is currently in the development phase. So, we need the money in order to build the core team and start the development of the product, that is the DCI Ecosystem.

So, the primary goal of this first round of funding is to raise just enough funds to hire the core team, including developers and marketers, and start the product development. Basically, we are asking only for MVP money.

At the same time, we are giving individual investors and institutional investors the opportunity to become a part of the revolutionary DCI ecosystem at an early stage. The tokens (discounted token) purchased during the ITO can be later used to buy DCIOps at a discount.

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DCIOps is a utility token that grants access to the ecosystem and its services. Any holder of the token will be able to access and use the DCI ecosystem services, such as: 

Anyone who holds the DCIOps utility token during the sale will be able to use the same in the future (when the platform is launched) to buy products/services from the DCI ecosystem at a discounted rate.

Each token holder who provides support to the ecosystem in development and management will receive rewards in the form of additional tokens.

Trust & Transparency (Can I trust the DCI Ecosystem or team with my money?)

trust the DCI Ecosystem or team with my money

Transparency is one of our core fundamentals at DCI Ecosystem. Throughout the development, ITO and other stages, we will try to maintain full transparency in our operations.

“DCI Ecosystem Team will release a key information monthly report to the token holders on how the project development is progressing and how the rewards system is evolving. Monthly Open sessions will also be set up where token holders will be able to ask questions directly to the team in a completely open and transparent manner. The community of token holders will receive risk and issue reports together with the rest of the updates.”

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Legal Status

We are a UK-based business and intend to get all the legal permissions required to operate in the UK. We have already submitted the DCI project whitepaper for review by the FCA UK and are in constant touch with the authorities, discussing the project and the Utility token and answering all their questions. We expect to receive a positive response from the FCA in a short time.

“DCI Ecosystem follows an Agile project management methodology that means we ask only for what and when we need. Each milestone reached is published. We are planning to circulate recurring reports and post them on DCI Ecosystem official channels. Token holders will have the ability to open discussions and ask questions to the DCI Council board and exchange information with the rest of the community.” The DCI team will also conduct live sessions to keep the Utility Token holders up-to-date with the project’s progress and performance.

For now, we are holding this token sale (ITO) with the aim to raise just enough funds to go on and deliver what we promised. The funds raised from the ITO will be entirely used and invested in the project, including the hiring of developers, development of the MVP (the DCI decentralized ecosystem) and to pay the team members’ salaries.

The DCI ecosystem is a Decentralized system that maintains full transparency while providing SMEs & Unbanked Businesses with access to the next-gen investment management system.

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