DCI Ecosystem Ltd Opens the First Round of Funding to Expand the Team Capacity and Build the Capabilities Listed in the Road Map

DCI EcosystemLtd opens the first round of funding to expand

DCI Ecosystem Ltd is an open, distributed and democratic ecosystem that aims to solve the funding/investment problems of SMEs Unbanked Businesses with the use of blockchain technology.

DCI officially starts the first round of funding, where it will allow interested investors looking to invest in or partner with the DCI Ecosystem to buy the DCI token. There will be three phases in the DCI Initial Token Offering (ITO), in addition to bounty programmes aimed at expanding the digital presence and building a strong community.

The primary purpose of the DCI ITO is to gather the capital required to expand the team (hire developers, marketers, etc.) to build the next part of the system and features as listed in the project roadmap. It will be achieved by issuing DCI Utility Tokens that can be purchased by interested buyers and investors. The funds raised via the ITO will be used to develop the minimum viable product (MVP) and to proceed with the next development stage.

The Utility Token to be sold during the ITO is DCIOPS. It’s the native token of the DCI Ecosystem and will be used to manage all transactions on the ecosystem. The token will burn as the users perform transactions on the ecosystem.

What is DCIOps? How it works

DCIOps is a Utility Token that is decentralised in nature and acts as the fuel that runs the entire DCI ecosystem. The token has two basic functionalities. First, a user will be required to have the DCIOps token to perform any operation or transaction within the ecosystem. Another thing to note here is that DCIOps is the only means of transaction allowed in the DCI ecosystem. The same will grant users access to the various products and services of the ecosystem.

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By using the DCIOps utility token, users will be able to access and use the various features offered by the ecosystem, such as portfolio management, buy/sell tokens, and invest in stocks.

A user can add cash or cryptocurrency to their DCI wallet, which must be then converted to DCIOps to start using the services/products of the DCI ecosystem. No fiat or cryptocurrencies can be used directly for payments or any other operations in the ecosystem. Also, the token grants users access to all current and future services/products of the ecosystem.

In simple words, ITO participants will receive access to the DCI Ecosystem products & services (through DCIOps) in exchange for contributing funds to the project.

Why Invest in the DCI Ecosystem?

DCI Ecosystem is a fintech platform that provides small businesses, especially in unbanked regions, access to a new kind of fundraising system that connects them directly to institutional investors on a decentralised platform that is highly trustworthy and cost-effective.

At the same time, it provides banks and institutional investors with new areas of investment through a transparent, democratic, fast, advanced, secure ecosystem that is compliant with local laws and regulations. It provides a unique opportunity for investors to become a part of an innovative fintech system as a way to improve their services and increase earning potential.

Financial institutions, banks, etc. looking to improve, innovate and disrupt their operations must leverage the DCI Ecosystem’s advanced investment technology solutions.

To whom is concerned, DCI Ecosystem aims to become a regulated ecosystem where and when required to attract institutional investors, banks, asset managers to join the ecosystem freely. This step will require additional effort and resources, and it will be added to the scope of our future funding rounds.

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