DCI Ecosystem: A Decentralized, Secured and Transparent Community Centric Governance for Investors, Businesses, and Third-Parties

DCI Ecosystem: A Decentralized, Secured and Transparent

Today, investors across the globe are facing problems like poor investment protection, low-interest environment, lack of profitable business opportunities and a multitude of tools to execute their investment.

Most of the investment channels (online & offline) are either focuses on regional asset classes in the traditional market or they are focused on digital cryptocurrencies or coins/tokens.

Seeing all such problems, DCI has come up with the most unique, innovative & profitable blockchain projects of this year that offers exciting and never-seen-before investment opportunities to everyone, including investors, seeker of investment (businesses, startups, etc.), and third-party software vendors/service providers, (e.g. AI/Robo-advisory, accountancy, legal, etc.).

DCI is an open, democratic, decentralized, cross-asset investment ecosystem where investors find the necessary tools to execute their investment ideas using both ‘traditional & tokenized investment asset classes’, seekers of investment reach their investment targets, and third-party service/software providers find a new sales channel.

Community-Centric DCI Ecosystem

Community-Centric DCI Ecosystem

DCI will work as a completely decentralized and community-owned ecosystem where everything will be governed by its community members.

DCI will provide every necessary tool or opportunity to its community members to contribute to the decision making of the ecosystem in terms of improving the system capabilities, service offerings, etc. Bad players will be disregarded from the ecosystem by a voting system of trust.

For example, Investors will be able to choose from numerous third-party products and services (e.g. Robo-advisory, legal, accountancy, etc.) based on vendor rating and “activate” them on their profile for making informed investment decisions.

The vendor rating will be given by the DCI Community members who have previously used the products or services. This will give power to DCI members to discard the bad players from the system and choose among the best options.

Transparent & Secure Investment Ecosystem

Transparent & Secure Investment Ecosystem

DCI Ecosystem main objective is to provide right from the begging a transparent, fair and open fintech ecosystem where users have full control over the investment activities.

Staying true to its vision, DCI has embedded a democratic framework in the ecosystem, where users willful control over the ecosystem activities.

Investors can choose among the supportive investment tools (e.g. robo-advisor etc.) by navigating through a range of third-party services/products available on the ecosystem. Each provider is rated by its users in a fair transparent rating system.

Businesses or seekers of investment will be able to raise funds for their project/company/business from accredited & genuine investors via conducting a regulated STO within the DCI Ecosystem.

Seekers of investment will be able to

  • Raise funds though tokenization
    • for an existing business (e.g. 2-3 years P&L)
    • for a start-up (at any stage of development)
  • Use service providers available to the ecosystem (e.g. Accountancy, Legal, Notary, Wallets, payments.)
  • Generate Reports

Lastly, joining DCI Ecosystem will be a profitable idea for everyone, including third-party software vendor/service providers which will get access to a new sales channel to find new clients, to offer their services and increase their revenue.

DCI Ecosystem will offer API support to third-party vendors to connect their services directly to its community members user interfaces.

Regulated Ecosystem

Investors have lost close to $100 million by investing in ICOs in the past two years due to increasing fraud instances and lack of compliance.

The existing investment solutions also do not offer the level of trust, security, and investment protection that are required by investors today.

So, DCI has come with a solid self-regulatory & governance framework in order to operate in a safe, secure, and regulated ecosystem.

The self-governance or custodian framework of DCI is designed in such a way that it offers complete investment operational risk protection to the investors.

Here are some of the main features of the DCI “custodian” framework that makes it a self-regulated and safer ecosystem

  • Due Diligence
  • Legal & Compliance Support
  • Auditing & Control Processes
  • Asset Protection with custodian
  • Increased Transparency & Awareness (e.g., portfolio monitoring, token valuation, quantitative risk rating, third-party API support, etc.)

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  1. Excellent written blog. It gives an exact idea of what this investment ecosystem is going to be in future.

  2. Security is something that has put investors trust away from tokenized assets. DCI seems to be on the right path as it is working on the idea of creating a transparent, regulated platform. Great blog..!!!

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